Cold rolled steel Pipes Hot rolled steel Plates


  1. GOST 14637-89. Rolled plate from carbon steel of general quality. Specifications.
  2. GOST 14918-80. Continuously galvanized sheet steel. Specifications.
  3. GOST 1577-93. Rolled sheets and wide strips of structural quality steel. Specifications.
  4. GOST 16523-97. Rolled sheets from quality and ordinary carbon steel for general purposes. Specifications.
  5. GOST 19281-89. Rolled steel with increased strength. General specifications.
  6. GOST 19903-74. Hot-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions.
  7. GOST 19904-90. Cold-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions.
  8. GOST 24045-94. Steel sheet cold-formed sections with trapezoidal corrugations for building. Specifications.
  9. GOST 30246-94. Continuously rolled sheet steel with paint coating for building.
  10. GOST 4041-71. Rolled plates of high quality structural steel for cold stamping. Specifications.
  11. GOST 5582-75. Stainless and Heat-Resisting Sheet. Specifications.
  12. GOST 7350-77. Plate steel, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-temperature. Specifications.
  13. GOST 8568-77. Corrugated steel rhombic and lentil form sheets. Specifications.
  14. GOST 9045-93. Cold-rolled thin sheets of low-carbon steel for cold stamping. Specifications.
  15. GOST 5520-79. Rolled carbon low-alloy and alloy steel sheets and plates for boilers and pressure vessels. Specifications.
  16. GOST 5521-93. Rolled steel for shipbuilding. Specifications.
  17. Report 802. Coordination of delivery terms for hot-rolled steel sheets from regular carbon steel.
  18. Report 804. Coordination of delivery terms for rolled plate from steel with increased strength.
  19. Report 1000. Coordination of delivery terms for rolled plate from high quality structural steel.