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Sheet Rolling Shop 1700

Sheet Rolling Shop 1700

The sheet rolling plant 1700 comprises five continuous furnaces, a rolling mill 1700 (six horizontal and three vertical stands in a roughing group and six stands in a finishing group), three coilers, two units for transversal cutting and one for slitting.

The finishing group of stands is equipped with a modern system of automated adjustment of break-down thickness and profile which was installed by „Clecym“ company.

The plant produces carbon and low-alloyed steel rolled products in coils and sheets 1.8–8.0 mm in thickness (thickness 1.5 mm is being mastered), 1000–1520 mm in width and 2000–6400 mm in length.

It is possible to produce riffled sheets with lentil patterns.

There are means of slitting coils into strips 180–700 mm in width.